The Broken Drum

Espresso Bar in Fairy Meadow NSW, serving Campos Coffee, cakes, sandwiches and snacks


But First Coffee


Campos Superior Blend - The award winning flagship blend of Campos Coffee. We have served this in our stores from day 1 and it has been the secret to our success. A True Specialty Coffee Blend- toffee base with slight fruity highlights. Rich body with a sweet butterscotch finish. Fantastic dimension. Just won Gold in 2013 Royal Tasmanian Agricultural Show for Plunger Category, and Silver for Espresso.

Here is a little about the ongoing Superior project..

We at Campos Coffee pride ourselves on our dedication to ethical business practices and giving credit where credit is due.  Ethics in farming is essential and Campos will always remain diligent on this. Campos has a  zero tolerance for child labour, inhumane working conditions, or unsustainable farming practices.  


From the Bread Bar


From the Bakery