The Broken Drum

Espresso Bar in Fairy Meadow NSW, serving Campos Coffee, cakes, sandwiches and snacks

Decaffeinated Espresso


Decaffeinated Espresso


Decaf that tastes good! Swiss Water Process with Campos’ trademark big chocolatey flavours. 100% chemical-free.

To ensure the freshest coffee beans to your door, all coffee bean orders will be posted out on Thursdays. Please contact us if you need them sooner.


Whole beans


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Campos' very own decaffeinated blend with a solid body and enjoyable dimension. Tenor flavours with plum/stonefruit resonance.

This is the best decaf on the world market today, and yes, we have tried them all!  The decaffeination process uses no chemicals (such as ethanol) and the end result is a coffee that tastes like coffee and nothing else. We take our own blend of separate decaffeinated origins, and combine Colombian with Guatemalan and Ethiopian to produce an enjoyable, full-bodied cup without the caffeine.